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high accuracy shielded sprayer


Safely apply herbicides for in season inter-row weed control

Shields to suit crop rows from 250mm out to 750mm

Vision guidance system keeps the shields within millimeters of the crop

Available in widths from 1.5m to 25m to match your seeder and row spacings


Our Crop Stalker shielded sprayers have precise ground following spray shields combined with vision based guidance and a fast acting side shift mechanism to stalk out and kill those troublesome inter-row weeds.

Sleek and robust shields
Sleek and robust shields

Suiting crop rows from 250mm / 10” and wider.

Vision based guidance control of hydraulic side shift

Including 60cm of sideshift travel.

Seeder matching
Seeder matching

Inter-row efficiency working speeds of up to 15km/h

Built to perform and last

Innovative engineering combined with stainless steel and powder coat finish.

Auto Rate and Section Control

Arag IBX ISOBUS rate, section and hydraulic controls to suit common ISOBUS capable displays.

Individual nozzle blockage monitors

Quickly identify from the cabin if you have any blockages or leaks.

Hydraulic drive centrifugal pump options

Capable of also loading the sprayer and running an induction hopper venturi.

Product Tanks from 300L to 8500L
Product Tanks from 300L to 8500L

Multiple configurations

Including 3-point linkage with mounted tanks, linkage with trailed cart and large capacity trailed.

Innovative design.

So many options.

NEW! WeedSeeker2 ready shields for in between crop rows 12”/300mm and wider

Additional quick change shields i.e. to interchange between 15” & 30” rows

Nozzle kit for band spraying on crop in same pass

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